Operation Get Back in Shape: Insanity?

It’s been over a year since I climbed Kilimanjaro, and the stress of exams and a few broken toes has meant that I’ve piled on a fair few pounds. So, as usual, I jumped in the deep end of things and decided to give Insanity a shot.

Insanity markets itself on being one of the most intense work outs designed to give you around 6% body fat in 60 days. Abs in 60 days? Count me in.

So I got a hold of the program, and started. Day 1 was the Fit Test. You redo the Fit Test every 2 weeks to see how much you’ve improved.



Switch Kicks    66
Power Jacks      35
Power Knees    30
Power Jumps    30
Globe Jumps    30
Suicides               5
Push Up Jacks    0
Plank Obliques  15

My Fit Test results were…less than desirable, but hey you have to start somewhere right?

In addition to Insanity, I’m also doing this cilantro juice detox that my mum swears by. It’s just pureed cilantro with lemon juice drunk on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Apparently, it’ll help me lose 5 KGs in 5 days. With graduation right around the corner, that does sound appealing!




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