Traipsing through Tbilisi

Tbilisi with it’s quaint cobbled streets and Soviet Era bars on windows was unlike any place I’ve ever been to. I had never really thought about going to Tbilisi until my sister and her friends decided to spend spring break there on account of the ridiculously cheap air tickets. So on a whim I asked my friends if they’d like to go, and they akhachapuri4greed and I found myself aboard a rickety FlyDubai praying that I survived at least until I got to taste some Khachapuri (Pictured Left).

I must say, deciding to go to Georgia was one of my finer decisions. The food was deliciously decadent, the weather gorgeous and the plethora of museums and churches make it a history lover’s paradise. Not to mention the entire trip; airfare, accommodation, food and shopping amounted to around $900!

The hike up to the Narikala Fortress was glorious as was the view from the top. Narikala, the Botanical Gardens and the Mtatsminda Park were probably my favourite parts of our trip.





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