“Red hair, sir, in my opinion is dangerous.”

“Red hair, sir, in my opinion is dangerous.”
P.G. Wodehouse

Ah, the red head. Fiery, powerful, and exciting. So much more so than the ashy brown wisps that grace my own head. My fascination with red hair dates back to my early teens accredited, like many other things in my life, to J.K. Rowling. Jo’s description of Lily’s curtain of red hair that hid her twinkling green eyes was enough to turn me into my own, albeit envious, shade of green. Those who know me will know of my love of all things Celtic, so it comes as no surprise when my definition of beauty became the pale-skinned, strong boned Irishwoman with flaming red hair and twinkling green eyes. Beautiful, alluring and forever out of reach for a dumpy Indian girl with a year-round tan.

While my definition of beauty eventually expanded to include a more diverse (read achievable) set of ideals, my longing for red hair never died (or should I say dyed? haha).

But how to go about it? After having seen scores of friends ruin their hair with chemical dyes, I knew I didn’t want to risk my already fragile locks. After much research, I decided upon Lush’s Caca Rouge. The first time I tried it I was so terrified that my hair would turn fire-engine red, a shade that would clash atrociously with my brown skin, that I washed it off having had it on only for an hour of the six recommended hours. The result was just a tiny hint of red on my dark brown hair. This time, I’m ready for something a wee bit bolder. I added a dash of cinnamon and lemon juice to enhance the colour.


Stay tuned for a picture of the results!


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