Culture Chronicles: Ramadan in Egypt

Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar and is believed to be the month in which the Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. To commemorate this sacred time, Muslims around the world fast from dawn to dusk, eating nothing, drinking nothing and ill actions of any sort, instead using their time to meditate on their spirituality. A month of prophecy and revelation, Ramadan is a chance to rediscover yourself and your faith. Below is guest post by a dear friend who has kindly consented to describe his experience of spending the month of Ramadan in Egypt.

Salaam alaakom, everyone my name is Sherif Elgindi. I just graduated from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar. I grew up in the US but my parents are Egyptian, so I am originally Egyptian. For this blog, I will be talking about spending Ramadan in Egypt.


This the fifth Ramadan that I  will spend in Egypt amongst my extended family. Spending Ramadan in Egypt is the best way to experience this blessed month. When you are in Cairo and Alexanderia, you see buildings all around you decorated with lights and big “Ramadan Kareem” signs. For me, seeing this reminds me of Christmas in the US. Ramadan in the US is not as festive because not +90% of the population is celebrating it like in Egypt. So when you are in Egypt for Ramadan, you really feel like it is Ramadan.

Another thing that makes Ramadan in Egypt so special is the family. For every iftar (when we break our fast), everyone gathers around the table and eats and laughs together. The food is usually the best food you have ever eaten. For my family, we have to have one type of soup everyday. It has become a tradition in my family to have soup everyday in Ramadan. After we eat, we have the traditional Ramadan sweets and the adults have tea. We then go to the mosque for taraweeh (Ramadan congregational prayer). We then go back home and have some more sweets. When Ramadan is over, we have Eid which is just as awesome and enjoyable as Ramadan.

In the end, spending Ramadan in Egypt makes a person really feel the presence of Ramadan and give you a sense of spiritual satisfaction. I hope that you all experience Ramadan is great as I do and that you all have a chance to come to Egypt in Ramadan.

Here are some photos of Ramadan in Egypt:

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