Finding Peace in Pancakes


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Nestled in the Fraser Valley, this gorgeous estate in Langley was probably my favourite part of my trip to British Columbia, if not Canada. It was a warm sunny day that we found ourselves pulling up at Krause Berry. Little white baskets in hand, we set off determined to bring home our weight in berries. Swollen and ripe for the picking, their bright reds and blues contrasting beautifully with the green of the bush.

We took our time walking between the rows of bushes, soaking in the warm summer air, the quiet chirp of nearby families immersed in their own picking, and the occasional bird that was brave enough to venture near. Finally, when we had eaten and foraged as much as we could’ve, we made our way back to get our haul weighed.

As we waited in line, the smell of freshly baked pies wafted down to us in an intoxicating wave of calorific seduction. Fidgeting in our impatience to get to the bakery, we rushed through the weighing process and made our way towards one of the most heavenly smells I have encountered.

What met us there was a dream come true for the sweet-toothed, and their doctor’s worst nightmare. Every kind of baked good imaginable to man and more, slathered in maple syrup and covered in oodles of fresh cream. The blueberry pancakes we had there on that beautiful summer morning have become the benchmark for breakfast food, one that the likes of IHOP and other breakfast diners can never in their wildest dreams home to achieve.

Visting Krause Berry was a reminder that joy need not have to come in the form of expensive jewellery or the latest tech, but rather that it can be found in the simple pleasures of eating blueberry pancakes on a warm sunny day surrounded by family.


If you’re ever in BC, make sure you head down to Krause Berry Farms, you can find the location on their website here.Β 

To see more of my photography in Canada, click here.Β 

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