How to Save $1000 on Flight Tickets

Whether you’re planning a trip to Vegas or flying half-way across the world to India, travel needn’t poke a hole through your budget. Spend your hard earned money at your destination rather than on getting to it with our top 9 tips on saving money while booking flight tickets.

Let’s pretend that I want to go from Qatar to London preferably leaving on Friday the 15th and returning on 22nd. An initial glance at the prices on Qatar Airways for my dates tells me that it’ll cost me QAR. 5,550 or $1,520.

1. Have flexible dates

Flexibility eg
By choosing to fly on the 21st of July rather than the 15th, I save QAR. 840, which is approximately $230. Similarly, if I move my return date to the 4th, then I save another QAR. 1340/$367, making the total cost of my ticket QAR. 3,460 or $948.

 Savings: $1,520-$948 = $572 or QAR. 2,090


2. Compare fares using multiple websites.

While you may have a preferred airlines, comparing fares on websites like Momondo, Expedia, Kayak and Skyscanner can help you find important deals. Make sure you check more than just one site since prices often differ.





As you can see the cheapest airline tickets were found on Momondo, and the most expensive on Expedia with a difference of almost $140/QAR507.

Savings: $1,520-$510=  $1,010 or QAR. 3,686


3.Consider budget airlines

Qatar Airways, which has a direct flight to Heathrow costs me $72 more than the flight on Pegasus.


4. Avoid flying on the weekends and other major holidays.

These are the flights around Christmas time.


5. Sign up for a site like Secret Flying

Secret Flying  posts deals on its website. Simply follow the links we provide to book your flight.

6. One word: Airmiles

Sign up for a  frequent flyer membership and accumulate points as you travel. Once you’ve accumulated enough, you can buy yourself a free ticket.

7. Clear your cookies and browser history.

Airline websites are suspected of tracking cookies and using them to hike up prices depending on your browsing history. Beat price discrimination by clearing your browser history and cookies. This Momondo after clearing my browser history.


Savings: $1,520-$331=$1,189 or QAR. 4,339.85

8. Travel without checked-in baggage

Many airlines offer cheaper tickets if you travel without checked in baggage, once you’ve picked a flight, explore if this is an option.

9. Travel to near-by airports.

Flying into Stansted is almost $300 cheaper than Heathrow! Explore whether you can fly to a nearby airport and take an alternative means of transport to get to your destination.



Cost of Initial Ticket:   $1,520     or  QAR. 5,550

Total Savings:                 $1,189     or  QAR. 4,340

Cost of Final Ticket:     $331          or  QAR. 1,208



Written for this week’s Discover Challenge: A Piece of Advice

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