‘The Essence of Tamil Nadu’ by Soundharya Muthukrishnan

The Indian state of Tamil Nadu is home to a culture that dates back centuries intertwined with the effects of colonisation. The riotous colours of it’s rich heritage, unpredictable weather, and inexplicably delicious food make it an assault on the uninitated’s senses.
Below is a photo essay titled The Essence of Tamil Nadu captured and captioned by cultural connoisseur, Soundharya Muthukrishnan. Apart from being an old friend, Soundharya is an avid photographer, singer and is passionate about art and design, and has an engineering degree to boot. You can find more of her work on her Instagram and Tumblr.


A Bharatnatyam Artiste performing at one of the oldest sabhas in Chennai during Margazhi, a Tamil month of dance and music.


A bride’s father taking part in a purification ritual.


The door in a traditional Tamil home holds spiritual significance. Turmeric and Kumkumam are applied generously on the door to celebrate richness and remove negativity.


A simple piece of temple inspired jewellery called jimiki in tamil. Jimkis are basically embellished earrings often paired with silk sarees and more gold jewellery!


The Pazhani Temple Gopuram, the ornate monumental tower found at the entrance of any temple.


Classical Dance and Folk artists coming together to perform and interact with Art students at a popular annual festival.


Nettukupam Pier, an unfinished construction makes a common appearance in many South Indian Films for its scenic, mysterious vibe. I spotted a fisherman enjoying a quiet walk till the edge of this incomplete pier. He sat there for so long all by himself.


Some brass vintage finds from my paati’s (grandma’s) house in Trichy.


Quiet evening with chai in my favourite terracota teacup.


Kumbabishekam festival at a small temple in Pondicherry. The priest climbs down the gopuram during the festivities.


Random man I spotted looking at me in the temple. (Really!)


Kumbabishekham can be understood as abhishekam (pouring holy water) of the kumbam(three sharp thingies on top of the gopuram). The priest makes his way through the crowd carrying a pot containing the holy water.


Group of men joined by younger boys playing the trumpet, along with other instruments during the Temple Festival.


Shot with a Canon 1200D.

Be sure to check out Soundharya’s Instagram and Tumblr to see more of her stunning work.

If you’d like to have your work featured, click here.


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