How to Pick a Survival Knife

When planning any sort of foray into the Great Outdoors, one’s packing options are usually limited by the amount they can cram into a rucksack. For this reason, it becomes vitally important to choose things that can serve more than one purpose, and the King of Versatility is the humble Knife. However, with so many knives on the market, things can sometimes get confusing, so here are six tips to help you choose the best survival knife for you!

Things to keep in mind when picking a knife:


Your knife should be around 10 inches long, give or take an inch. Any smaller and it won’t be able to withstand strenuous use, any bigger and it becomes less portable and less suited to precision cutting

Fixed vs. Folding

Ideally, yourΒ knife would have a fixed blade rather than a folding blade attached to a handle. Knives with fixed blades are generally more durable and less likely to snap off during more intense tasks like chopping wood etc.


Look for a full tang knife i.e. one in which the blade runs all the way through the handle. Knives in which the blade only runs half-way are more likely to come loose in the long run.



The blade needs to sharp and pointed, and flat on one side allowing you to use your thumb to exert pressure.


A carbon steel knife is likely to last longer than a stainless steel one.

Type of Handle

A nice solid handle will allow you to use your knife as a hammer. Avoid hollow handles with built in storage.

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Did you find this useful? What do you look for when picking a knife?Β 

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20 thoughts on “How to Pick a Survival Knife

    • Eman says:

      Thanks! That’s not surprising, people only really encounter the word if their into martial arts or knives and survival gear.

      True, but if you’re just touring cities, there isn’t much need for a survival knife. If you’re going to camping in the wilderness, I’d make sure to pick one up once you get to your destination!


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