10 types of exquisite Tea around the world!

A brilliant round up of teas from around the world. How many have you tried? My personal favourite is Karkady!

A wise girl once said, tea transcends boundaries! Its not important who that girl is but ain’t she right? No matter which corner of the world you are, you will get a person or two to join and celebrate an indigenous tea affair . We already know our perfect cup of tea i.e a karak doodh patti malai maar k! But what type of tea is prepared and served throughout the world? Let’s have a look!

Japanense Matcha

This powdered green tea uses finely ground green tea leaves. The traditional tea ceremonies in Japan are centred on the preparation and serving of Matcha which is packed with anti-oxidants. This reflects the long standing love for tea in the Japanese culture.

matcha Photo: japanesematchapowder

Tibetan Po Cha

This butter tea known as Po Cha is made of salt, yak butter and tea leaves. It’s brewed for a few hours to achieve a bitter taste which is…

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