Fashion From Around the World


Guest Post by Kiara Mijares. Owner of Style By Monday, which is dedicated to showing you tips on styling, and creating killer content for your blog.


When you dress up, you don’t only express yourself but the culture you represent.

From around the world, fashion has become a large part of every industry. In it, people have taken to dressing up more, showing off clothes that suit their personality, and then creating an image of themselves to be seen in 5 seconds flat. What’s even better is that they not only represent who they are but where they come from and the environment they grew up in.

In every country, we take a look at different regions of the world and take note of the street style people bring. There are so many similarities to each and every one of them that it’s impossible to only choose one.


The Japanese are known for their insane street style. There’s nothing crazy enough for Japan and at one point, they are the outliers to every Asian street style. However, they’re the perfect example for this because there’s no such thing as a wrong outfit in Japan. From having Hello Kitty on your head, to influencing other Asians to do the same thing. It’s amazing how much Japan has become the now “it” place for every fashion diva to visit.

Contrary to Japan is the Philippines where the fashion scene is steadily growing. Above are two of the most popular fashion bloggers, Laureen Uy from Break My Style and Camille Co from It’s Camille Co. Notice how they have embraced the semi-crazy street fashion in Japan and moved it to their own style? The thing with the Philippines is that the people are very into American-like fashion and are always inspired by celebrity fashion in the USA. These photos look strikingly similar to the ones in Japan, don’t they?


African fashion bloggers like Style Pantry (left) and Black Beauty Bag (right) show the chill vibes that comes with dressing up in Africa. They’re the most famous fashion bloggers around the continent, and what’s even better is that they incorporate all of the culture, weather, and amazing ways to dress up all in one go. What is particularly appealing to this is that they’re so confident and it shows. Way to go, girls!

Australia and New Zealand

Melanie Zhou from Melani Zhou (left) and Jess Demps from What would Karl Do (right) show everyone what it’s like to dress from down under! With their very laid back vibes with the beach surrounding them and the mountains, it’s no wonder these girls can really dress to impress! With functionality too.

Side note: When I went to Australia last 2013, they really did have laid back vibes.


Andy Torres from Style Scrapbook (left) and Lucy Williams from Fashion Me Now (right) show you what it’s like to dress for the weather, keep it classy and very chic. That’s what fashion is like in Europe, where people dress for what’s practical and all-around for the weather. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with all black in it. What’s more is that Europeans aren’t into flashy and chunky pieces where I think both ladies show this off quite nicely.

North America

Chiarra Ferragani from The Blonde Salad (left) and Aimee Song from Song of Style (right) live on opposite parts of the United States. What’s more is that Chiarra is Italian and Aimee is Korean. But these divas adapted so well in the USA that they’ve become the top fashion bloggers and even as far as reaching the rest of the world. For many reasons, they both show what it’s like to dress in New York and LA, that even though the weather conditions are extremely different, there are so many similarities to how they dress. Case in point, skirts and leather!

South America

Daniela Ramirez from Nany’s Klozet (left) and Alana Ruas from Alana Ruas (right) show you the street style in South America. Although they may live at opposite poles, comes to show the laid back vibes, exotic places to go to, as well as the wonderful weather. More than that, it also shows how much South Americans tend to love bright colors and in both their cases, it’s red!

Fashion is completely one of the best way to express yourself but this also comes with how you were raised and the culture you were exposed to. It’s a wonderful thing to see that even being miles apart, two girls can more or less have the same style. It comes to show that we aren’t that far from each other after all.

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