The Big M


McDonald’s has always had a special place in my life.
When I was younger, I would bounce up and down on the car seat the minute I spotted the golden arches that promises of crisp fries and crunchy nuggets. img_7061

My relationship with McDonald’s goes way back, growing up it was the only fast-food chain around and fighting over Happy Meal toys with my sister are some of my oldest memories.

So you can imagine my delight when I got an invite to end the pre-launch of McDonald’s new Signature collection!


Let’s get down to the meat of the matter then, shall we? McDonald’s is launching three delicious new burgers: The Clubhouse, The Mushroom and The Chicken Mexicano.


The Chicken Mexicano, The Mushroom and The Clubhouse. (From Right to Left)

We all know that food served seldom looks like the food on the menu, but let me tell you this, all three of the burgers were as beautiful as they were delicious.  The buns have been upgraded from the usual limp, flattened buns served at fast-food joints to deliciously buttery, plump ones. The lettuce was a crisp, vivid green. The tomatoes juicy and ripe. These were burgers made with care.

The first burger I tried was the Clubhouse, this was pretty straightforward burger, the addition of bacon and caramelised onions adds a nice twist to an otherwise uncomplicated burger.


The Clubhouse (Can you believe how good it looks?)

The real MVPs of the Signature collection were the Mushroom and the Chicken Mexicano. Two burgers so good, I could barely believe they weren’t gourmet.

Both the Mushroom and the Clubhouse burgers were packed with thick, juicy Angus beef patties and generous helpings of cheese, but what set the Mushroom apart was the addition of a tangy black pepper mayo, which really took it to the next level.



The Chicken Mexicano had my favourite burger ingredient, guacamole!! Oodles of guacamole piled on to a crisp yet moist chicken patty topped with jalapeños. This burger packed a serious flavour punch. I think I’ve finally found something to replace my love of a Spicy McChicken.

So that’s all for now, definitely give these burgers a try the next time you’re at McDonald’s!

Much love xxx



While the meal was provided to me free of cost, all opinions are my own!


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