8 Bus Homes That Are Too Cool For School

My parents have always dreamt of living in a tiny home someday, and it’s a dream that my sister and I have inherited as well. So when Sue from The Adventures of Paul and Sue approached me with a pitch on tiny homes INSIDE a bus, I was sold! 

Check out Sue’s post below and be sure to head to their blog too!

The tiny house movement is not only growing in popularity but in creativity as well. The desire for more time, freedom, self-sustainability and becoming more environmentally friendly are all reasons people are downsizing their living spaces. The average American home is around 2,600 square feet while a school bus is only around 200 square feet. Using RV and motorhome parts, scrap wood, garbage and garage sale finds people are able to create customizable tiny living spaces from used school buses.

Expedition Happiness




This beautiful bus is the ultimate adventure mobile with storage space in the back of the bus for camera equipment, bikes, camping and adventure gear. Felix and Selima removed all of the seats of their 1996 school bus and did most of the conversion themselves learning as they went. Complete with air-conditioning, GPS System, Go Pro, Marshall speakers, composting toilet, queen-sized bed and apple flat screen TV this loft on wheels has it all. They are currently on “Expedition Happiness” a road trip from Alaska all the way to Argentina.

Bob Waldmire’s Ultimate Hippie Land Yacht



Bob Waldmire was a traveling artist in the 1960’s who wanted to preserve the culture and people of Route 66 through his art, he moved into a school bus and started converting it during the height of his artistic career. His famous bus home is now parked at the Route 66 Hall Of Fame Museum in Pontiac. While living in the bus he traveled around selling his work. Visitors can explore his home on wheels and see all of his art and his living space with a rainwater shower and composting toilet.

The bus was indirectly inspired by the minibus character Filmore VW in the Disney-Pixar “Cars” film. Waldmire would not accept compensation for this character because he was a vegan and didn’t want his bus to be represented in McDonald’s Happy Meals.




After years of the frustration of living in other people’s homes and paying rent, Stephanie Artuso decided to hit the road. She bought her bus, that she named Tusk, from a friend who was just using it for storage at the time.  She has done most of the conversion herself with some help from friends here and there.  Her bus is extremely simple, using a Coleman camp stove for cooking and a cooler for a fridge.  Stephanie describes living in her beautiful bus as “It is just like camping all of the time. But with all of your stuff.” She currently lives in Tusk on her organic farm with a few close friends.

DIY Short Bus Motorhome



Lacey Leonard converted this 1988 short bus into a beautiful mobile home with a red oak wood floor. The entire interior was hand built out of 150-year-old Virginia barn wood. This bus was an undergraduate project on sustainability, woodworking, and mid-century design. The bus is completely off-gird, with a composting toilet, AC unit, sink and solar power.  The entire project took about one year to complete and is now for sale to anyone looking to live big with less.

Betsy Blue




Betsy Blue is a huge double decker conversion originally bought on eBay for about $3,800.00 USD  and then converted into a living space. Betsy is now parked on the English countryside. On the first floor, Betsy has a kitchen, living space and a TV. Upstairs you’ll find three bedrooms and outside a hot tub! Betsy is now a tourist attraction and can be rented by visitors for about $160.00USD per night.

Outside Found




Will, Alyssa and their dog Hilde have been traveling the Western United States in their converted school bus since 2013. The bus has a huge water and propane tanks, a seven-foot couch, stove, shower, composting toilet, heater, air conditioning, tinted windows, a refrigerator and the works.

Von Thompson Creative




Mira and Jeremy Thompson live in this whimsical school bus tiny house with their daughter Carys. It took about two years to complete the project. Everything has vintage inspiration including the restored antique Frigidaire fridge.

The Majestic Bus






This bus is for rent for travelers wanting to glamp and get ideas and inspiration for their own tiny home. The Majestic is a converted panoramic bus parked in a beautiful flower garden. It has a double bed, a wood-burning stove, an L-shaped couch that converts into another double bed and it’s completely solar-powered.


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