51 Ways To Procrastinate Productively

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New logo!


I know I haven’t been super active over the last few months, but I’m going to try and get back into blogging regularly! I’ve been meaning to update my logo for ages, I wasn’t happy with the old one so I finally sat down and got it done today!

The Scribesmith has kept me really busy, but I’m trying to work on Get Lost’s Instagram since I have so many gorgeous pictures from my travels that I’d love to share with you all.

I’m thinking of doing a photo challenge for March. 31 Days, 31 Themes, 31 Photographs. It would have a common hashtag so everyone could join in, what do you think?

It would be a great way for you to grow your IG and blog following. #Justsaying

That’s all for now!

Toodles xx



Must Have Essential Oils For Travel

Guest post by Sue from The Adventures of Paul & Sue

When traveling overseas, especially to Africa, it’s so hard to know what medicine you’re going to need. We usually end up bringing way too much of one thing and realize we need something else that we didn’t even pack with us. Essential oils have been the best way for us to prepare for getting sick and staying healthy on long flights, train rides, road trips and hitchhiking adventures alike. They’re compact and each have several uses saving valuable packing space. Shoutout to my awesome mom for getting us these three particular oils as a gift before leaving for Rwanda!

  1. Thieves – Supports your immune system, kills airborne bacteria and is a powerful disinfectant.


Put a few drop in a capsule and swallow it as an immune system boost if you’re getting sick or before traveling. Add it to tea if you don’t have any capsules, make sure the tea isn’t too hot so it doesn’t damage the therapeutic compounds of the blend. Add a few drops to a spray bottle and use it as a disinfectant in hotel rooms, airplane seats etc. You can also add it to a travel size diffuser to kill airborne bacteria.

  1. Peppermint – Gets rid of headaches, Keeps your energy up, cools you off, soothes stomach aches, anti-itch and keeps mosquitos away.



Rub a drop on your temples and forehead to get rid of a headache. Hold it under your nose and breathe it in or diffuse it when your feeling tired. Rub a drop on your stomach when you have a stomach ache. Rub a drop on the back of your neck when your feeling too hot, you can also add a drop or two to your water bottle to cool you down. Rub it on a mosquito bit to get rid of the itch. You can also add a few drops to your shampoo and other beauty products to repel mosquitos.

  1. Lavender – Aids in sleep, reduces swelling of insect bites, gets rid of nausea and motion sickness and gets rid of cramps.

lavender-oil (1).jpg

Put a few drops on your pillow at night to help you sleep. Rub on bug bites and bee stings to make the swelling go down. Diffuse or hold under your nose to get rid of motion sickness and nausea. Rub on your stomach to get rid of period cramps.

Bringing these oils instead of other medications will save you time, money and space in your bags.

Udon noodle soup: comfort in your belly

Check out this brilliant recipe from Ameni Too Many for a little taste of Japan! ❤

Gateway For The (Not So) Average College Girl.

Hello Lovelies!

I hope that this start of the year has been great for you so far! How was mine? One word, two syllabuses and six letters can eaaaasily describe it : it’s been so H. E. C. T. I. C.  

I was literally all over the place, trying to chase the right classes, catch up with my friends, and oh lord the work load – I feel like it’s finals again. My apologies for taking so long to write my first real post but it is here now and I promise you there are lots more coming up soon!

So. Udon Noodle Soup.

Why the recipe? It’s comforting, it’s healthy, it gives you all the veggies you need, all the protein you need, and let’s face it: it’s so damn good. And as a plus: so easy to make! I first made it randomly while seeing a…

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8 Bus Homes That Are Too Cool For School

My parents have always dreamt of living in a tiny home someday, and it’s a dream that my sister and I have inherited as well. So when Sue from The Adventures of Paul and Sue approached me with a pitch on tiny homes INSIDE a bus, I was sold! 

Check out Sue’s post below and be sure to head to their blog too!

The tiny house movement is not only growing in popularity but in creativity as well. The desire for more time, freedom, self-sustainability and becoming more environmentally friendly are all reasons people are downsizing their living spaces. The average American home is around 2,600 square feet while a school bus is only around 200 square feet. Using RV and motorhome parts, scrap wood, garbage and garage sale finds people are able to create customizable tiny living spaces from used school buses.

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What to Buy for the Wanderer in your Life

Get Lost's Guide to Shopping for a Traveller

Get your shopping done before you find yourself neck deep in the holiday season! Here are 10 gift ideas that the traveller in your life will treasure! (Click titles to open in new window)

  1. A Compass Necklace to Show them the way ($10.99)

  2. A Map to Show the world their love of travel ($10.00)

  3. A Handmade Leather Journal to Record their experiences ($39.99)

    71-owyitl2bl-_sl1500_For deep thoughts and pretty illustrations.

  4. An adorable beanie to keep them warm ($5.99)

    51kjaoqws9l-_sl250_Take a little festive cheer with you, wherever you go.

  5. This gorgeous rucksack that is both practical and stylish ($31.99)

    61winzjtdll-_sl1001_ It’s gorgeous and will look even better as it ages.

  6. Something to help deal with the icky bathrooms they’re bound to encounter ($7.99)

    71hbnygm59l-_sl1500_Probably the single most useful thing for a female traveler. Can’t recommend this enough.

  7. The Walter Mitty Wallet to remind them of what really matters in life ($59.00)


    The iconic wallet from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. The quote reads:
    “To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.”

    I have this and I absolutely adore it! ♥

  8. A beautiful knit scarf to keep them toasty ($12.98)

    ALLMILL Womens Thick Ribbed Knit Winter Infinity Circle Loop Scarf (Light Green)
    Who says travel can’t be stylish?

  9.  Or maybe one they can stash things in! ($24.99)

    Stylish and functional this practical addition to your traveller’s wardrobe will keep them warm, cute and safe! Available in 5 colours.

  10.  Or the perfect book for a long plane ride! ($2.50)

    One of the most inspirational travel books on the market, perfect for the strong, independent women in your life.

Announcing the Launch of The Scribesmith

I know I’ve been pretty MIA of late, but that’s because I’ve been working on something BIG!

As some of you may know, reading and writing are huge parts of my life. I’ve been writing and proofing work for people for at least six years now and it wasn’t until someone mentioned it to me last month that I ought to be charging people that it occurred to me that I could be making some money out of doing what I love. Maybe make some extra cash for that Adventure Fund..

As a result, The Scribesmith was born. Check it out here: www.thescribesmith.com


So if any of you, or even friends of yours, ever need help with any type of written or editorial work, hit me up! I’m offering 10% off for the month of December to celebrate its launch, but I’m planning to an offer an additional discount for readers of my blog!

I’m really excited about this and I’d love to know what you all think!



How We Cripple Our Women

I’ve stewed over how to start this post for many days, no stranger to sexism, the plight of South Asian women is one close to my heart.


It would not be accurate to say that all South Asian women are downtrodden victims of the patriarchy; there are some like the winner of the Olympic bronze for wrestling Sakshi Malik,  who have fought hard against what it means to be a woman in India, and there are others who have not only accepted the corner that society has pushed them into, but actively work to keep other women in the dank confines of obscurity.


While the saying “Women must be seen, not heard” may have originated in Victorian England, it echoes in South Asian households around the world.

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